Costco's Revised Gas Station Proposal Has A New Traffic Pattern

Costco's Revised Gas Station Proposal Has A New Traffic Pattern.

Costco has returned with a revised plan for an 18-pump, members-only fuel facility at the far end of its parking lot, only now with a new traffic pattern.

Gas customers would exit onto Winter Street via an Embassy Suites driveway, which would be rebuilt as part of the project.

Because all Costco members could exit onto Winter Street, project officials said the new plan would relieve a bottleneck at a busy Second Avenue egress.

“It is expected to reduce Costco traffic turning left out of the main driveway on Second Ave by approximately 50%,” said project manager Steve Glowacki.

The city’s traffic commission has already accepted Costco’s traffic study. Mike Garvin, Waltham’s traffic engineer, reported that the fuel facility “will not have a significant impact on traffic operations surrounding the site.”

The proposed station would be only for warehouse members and would open at 6:00 a.m. 89% of the company’s 550 stores nationwide offer gas, according to a company official.

Back in 2016 and 2017, the city council predicted many traffic flow problems with the initial proposal, which used only Second Ave. Costco withdrew its special permit application and developed a new plan in response.

During a public hearing before the council on Monday, 14 stood in favor of the revised proposal and 10 stood to oppose it.

Among the opponents were two Waltham gas station owners.

“This Costco location is simply too small to safely accommodate gas pumps and the volume of traffic in and around the store,” said John Generoso, owner of the Shell station on Totten Pond Road.

Costco said it is a good neighbor in the Waltham community. Multiple city departments and boards have already reviewed its fuel facility plan.

The city council voted to extend the public hearing for Costco’s special permit application until August 3, when more discussion is expected.