Published by Chris Wangler- February 2, 2021.

After years of delays, a city plan to realign the notorious intersection of Totten Pond Road and Lexington Street appears to be moving toward construction.
Waltham traffic engineer Mike Garvin, the Piety Corner intersection project lead, told the city council recently that once a bid for the project is accepted, work could start this spring.
The Lexington / Totten Pond intersection is one of the city’s worst. Crashes and sideswipes are not uncommon as drivers navigate a variety of awkward lane configurations.
To increase safety, the design will move the oversize intersection south, shrinking it.
Changes include a new dedicated right turn from Totten Pond Road to Bacon Street, plus a new “pork chop” island as part of a new right turn lane on Lexington SB at Totten Pond.
The construction could take a year and half to two years, Garvin said, with a projected completion date of 2022.
Because some of the work is planned for a vacant lot acquired by the city a few years ago, the impact on existing traffic during construction will be reduced.
The project has faced numerous challenges since 2015, when Garvin first proposed several alternatives, including a rotary that was rejected.
A privately owned house at 380 Lexington Street stood in the way of the preferred plan.
Some of the new lanes will be built where this home once stood at 380 Lexington Street. The city purchased the house for the project, then tore it down after years of delays.
The city acquired the property in 2016, but mayor Jeannette McCarthy was initially reluctant to tear it down, as it was listed on state historic registers.
Last year the house was finally demolished, but more delays emerged in connection with two utility poles owned by Eversource.
The city’s vacant lot at 380 Lexington Street as it appears today.
Waltham city councilor Randy LeBlanc said it was “pretty pathetic” that a utility company could hold up the project for a year.
Garvin expressed confidence that Eversource would not stand in the way now.