Four-Foot Fence Approved for Veterans' Approval

Published by Chris Wangler- September 30, 2020.

Are the signs, barriers and 24-7 surveillance working at the Circle of Remembrance on Waltham Common?
Even though the memorial has been cordoned off for months, people are still getting in.
This week, the city council approved a mayoral request for $18,000 to build a 4-foot tall ornamental metal fence around the circle.
Waltham Veterans' Services director Mike Russo wants to have the new fence erected by Veterans Day in November, when 36 new bricks honoring Waltham veterans will be added to more than 2,300 existing bricks. There are 20,000 bricks total.
The iron powder-coated black fence would be set behind shrubs but in front of shorter granite barriers. There would be seven matching gates at all the entrances.
Signs aim to ensure those who enjoy the memorial also respect it.
Russo said the ornamental fencing will make the memorial look nicer. No decisions have been made yet about when the gates would be closed.
Since 2005, family and friends of veterans have laid roses on memorial bricks during an annual rose ceremony on Veterans Day. Stone monuments have been erected around the circle honoring various veterans' groups.
But there are also quite a few signs seeking to prevent damage to the circle, as well as 24-7 surveillance and lights at night.
Because the memorial is near busy walkways, bricks have been chipped by shopping carts, skateboards and vendors moving heavy racks over it during events on Waltham Common.
Other bricks have gum on them. We found liquor bottles and trash among taller bushes, where Russo said he found laundry hung out to dry a while back. Some shrubs have been trampled.
A beer can found in the bushes of the memorial
The Circle of Remembrance was blocked off after a temporary tent for the homeless went up during peak COVID a few months ago.
When the tents came down in late June, the temporary barriers and tape stayed up. Russo said crews needed to do maintenance on the memorial.