No, The Random Attacker Hasn't Been Arrested

Published by Chris Wangler- December 16, 2020.

In recent days, rumors have circulated around Waltham and on social media that the suspect in a string of alarming random attacks has been arrested.
Law enforcement authorities denied the reports, saying no arrests have been made.
“The investigation into the series of random attacks is still open and ongoing,” said a spokesperson for Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan Thursday.
The DA rep said the confusion could have grown out of a separate arrest made last Friday.
A 24-year-old Waltham man was charged with multiple counts of assault and battery in connection with a single incident that occurred in a Turner Street parking garage on November 11―the day after the random attacks started.
That defendant was held this week without bail pending a dangerousness hearing, but he is not suspected in the random attacks.
The random assaults started on November 10. The assailant violently attacked 10 male victims, typically from behind, pummeling them with an unidentified weapon, then fleeing, according to police.
Identifying the male suspect has proved difficult.
The last reported assault was on November 27, the day after Thanksgiving. There hasn’t been another one since.
Waltham Police and State Police continue to actively pursue leads to identify and apprehend who’s responsible.
Meanwhile, the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) is continuing with its own separate investigation.
This week postal inspectors canvassed Gardencrest, Ellison Park and other neighborhoods near where a letter carrier was attacked on November 20.
Both Waltham Police and the USPIS are offering $5,000 rewards for information leading to an arrest and conviction.
USPIS Confidential Hotline
Waltham Police Anonymous Tip Line