The Time Is Right for New Bakery

Published by Chris Wangler- September 30, 2020.

Need an inspired cake for a special event? Consider Kairo’s Cake and Bakery.
The new bakery opened on Monday in a long-vacant retail bay at 136 Prospect Street.
Erick Paz manages the business. His wife Marilyn, a gifted cake decorator, creates unique cakes for any occasion.
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Fellow bakers also prepare a variety of affordable Guatemalan favorites, including pan dulce, cachitos and royal. Everything is prepared on site.
Free samples got a good reaction from customers. “When they tasted them, they remembered Guatemala,” Erick said proudly.
He and Marilyn live on the South Side with their three children.
The bakery name reflects their deep faith. When used in the New Testament, the ancient Greek word kairos (καιρός) refers to an opportune time or the moment when God acts.
The couple had to decide between buying a home and starting the bakery.
“This is the time,” he said of their shared dream. Buena suerte!
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