New Malaysian Place on Moody

Published by Chris Wangler- March 28, 2021.

“Penang is kind of food town,” said Kah Soon, manager of a new Malaysian place at 569 Moody called Penang.
Foodies flock to Penang Island in northwest Malaysia for acclaimed street food with Indian, Chinese and Thai and flavors, especially seafood.
Penang on the northwest coast has long been a food mecca for unique Malaysian cuisine.
Kah said Malaysian people like curries and spicy food.
Spicy fried red snapper in Thailand sauce is a chef’s specialty at Penang Waltham. Starred items on the menu have a real kick.
An excellent combo plate includes coconut rice, chili anchovy curry chicken and veggies.
Combination plate
Penang’s owner, Peggy Ng, has operated an acclaimed first Penang in Chinatown since 1996.
Even before COVID hit, Kah said a lot of friends in Waltham wanted a new Malaysian place in the city.
Penang acquired a liquor license formerly held by Garcia Brogan’s on Moody Street.