WHS Grad's "Reign of Terror" is Over

Published by Chris Wangler- March 18, 2021.

Waltham’s alleged random attacker, a former Waltham High School student athlete, has actually been in custody since December.
Soon Clauvens Janvier, 24, will face dozens of charges in connection with an alarming series of random attacks, plus additional crimes around the same time, authorities said Thursday.
But the motive is still unknown.
The charges were announced at a press conference Thursday with Middlesex DA Marian Ryan and Acting Waltham Police Chief Kevin O’Connell at Waltham Police headquarters.
Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan announces charges against Janvier on Thursday at WPD headquarters. The two Waltham Police detectives behind her, Tom Bryant (center) and Stephen McCarthy (right), were credited with helping to solve the random attacker case.
Janvier was a senior captain of the Waltham High School varsity soccer team and graduated in 2015.
The random unprovoked assaults he is suspected of carrying out started on November 10 in Gardencrest and ran until November 27 at various South Side locations.
November 2020 photo of Gardencrest, where the random attacks were first reported. Police patrols were increased as a result.
He allegedly attacked 10 male victims at night, including a USPS letter carrier. The victims were typically struck from behind and pummeled with an unidentified weapon before the suspect fled, police said. Nothing was stolen.
Victims suffered serious injuries, leading some to be hospitalized.
On Thursday, DA Ryan expressed relief that the “reign of terror” was finally over. When asked about a motive, she was unable to give one. She also declined to elaborate on what weapons were used in the alleged attacks.
The district attorney explained Thursday that Janvier faces additional charges beyond the random assaults from the same timeframe in Waltham.
Janvier was arrested December 11 in connection with a November 11 assault in a Turner Street parking garage. A DA release said he “allegedly physically assaulted an 18-year-old male and struck him with the non-blade side of a machete.”
When Janvier was arrested, investigators did not have enough evidence to link him to the random attacks, said a DA rep Thursday.
Waltham Police acting chief Kevin O'Connell inherited the random attacker investigation from former chief Keith MacPherson, who retired recently.
But during a warrant search of his vehicle after his arrest, investigators found a machete, ammunition and a stolen firearm that linked him to another incident at a Willow Street gas station.
On November 24, Janvier allegedly shot a gun at a car leaving the ProTech station after a verbal altercation in the gas station parking lot.
Janvier was deemed dangerous on December 21 and has been held without bail since his arrest, said investigators.
An extensive investigation involving cell phone data, surveillance video, forensic testing, search warrants and victims and witnesses linked him to the random assaults.
Currently Clauvens Janvier faces dozens of charges including multiple counts of assault and battery, firearms offenses and receiving stolen property.
Court documents pertaining to the parking garage and gas station incidents have been impounded at Waltham District Court until Janvier’s next appearance on March 24.
But Janvier’s alleged crime spree wasn’t his first brush with the law. In 2016, he and several others were charged with trespassing in connection with an arson fire at the Fernald property.
Another incident happened in August 2018. According to court documents, Waltham Police responded to the Janvier family home in Cedarwood and arrested Clauvens Janvier in connection with a domestic violence incident. Janvier denied that he attacked the alleged victim.
2015 WHS Yearbook photo