Waltham Coronavirus Status Slips to Yellow

Published by Chris Wangler- September 3, 2020.

With coronavirus cases creeping up in some Bay State communities, Waltham’s status has slipped from green to yellow, indicating a rise in positive cases.
A coronavirus cases map published by the state’s Department of Public Healths (DPH) lists Waltham as yellow, indicating 4 to 8 cases per 100,000 residents from August 16 to 29.
During that window, Waltham had 52 positive tests from 7,491 total tests, according to DPH data. The Relative Change in Case Count is listed as “higher.”
Statewide, the number of yellow moderate-risk communities has climbed from 30 to 48 over the last week, a 60% increase.
Mayor Jeannette McCarthy shared the following DPH coronavirus transmission data for the most recent positive cases in Waltham:
Unknown 16
Work (inside) 3
Travel 9
Daycare 4
Refusal to answer 1
Occupational (outside) 3
Lost to follow-up 6
Close home contact 9
As of Thursday, September 3, Waltham has reported 1,334 positive cases, with 875 recoveries and 79 deaths.
When the DPH map was first released in the second week of August, Waltham’s status was green, indicating less than 4 coronavirus cases per 100,000 and low risk.
The best status is gray (formerly white), reflecting fewer than 5 reported cases total in the last 14 days.
Red indicates high-risk. Statewide, there are currently eight high-risk communities reporting a daily average of eight or more COVID-19 cases per 100,000 residents.
Framingham is included in that list of COVID-19 hotspots.