Waltham Community Access Corporation

Waltham Community Access Corporation was incorporated as an independent nonprofit corporation on December 13, 1985. WCAC-TV was designed to serve the entire Waltham community and is conveniently located at 400 Main Street in Waltham. Waltham Community Access Corporation is funded by a percentage of the gross revenues from Comcast and RCN cable. Grants, sponsorships and contributions from local businesses subsidize our income. All revenue is used to provide the community with cutting-edge equipment housed in a comfortable, accessible facility.

Waltham Community Access Corporation is home to two stations, WCAC-TV and MAC-TV. WCAC-TV is the Community Access station that provides programming geared towards the interests of local residents, businesses, and organizations. MAC-TV is the Government Access station that provides coverage of municipal meetings, events and special government related programming. As well, Waltham Community Access Corporation produces a weekly news program, The Waltham Newswatch, focused on Waltham-centric news reporting.

Maria Sheehan

Position: Executive Director

Maria is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the facility including public relations, marketing, personnel, property management, financial management, and encouraging townspeople, civic groups and non-profits to use the facilities to educate the public.

Chris Wangler

Position: News Director

Chris has written two books and many articles for entertainment weeklies, including the Boston Phoenix. He believes that the diversity and energy of Waltham make it a great city for news.

Phil McGrady

Position: WCAC-TV Program Director

Phil is responsible for new program proposals and scheduling programs to air on WCAC-TV. He is also the creator of Waltham Newswatch and The Hit Show, and creator, host and producer of Armchair Quarterback. Freelance credits include Associate Producer of the emmy award winning ESPN X Games and ESPN Sunday Night Football.

Bill Heatley

Position: MAC-TV Program Director

Bill is responsible for programming the Government Access Channel and provides coverage of municipal meetings and events. He also produces special programs and series such as True Blue, Your Federal Government, Inside the Council Chambers, Building Dept. 101 and Aging in Waltham.

Maryann Pescatore

Position: Financial Specialist

Maryann is responsible for the financial and bookkeeping duties for Waltham Community Access Corporation.

Paula Oliveri

Position: Office Manager

Paula is responsible for keeping the office running smoothly. She is also responsible for posting obituaries on the Community Bulletin Board on WCAC-TV for the "Dearly Departed" segment. If you have an obituary to post, please contact Paula with the information.