2022 Waltham Inauguration

City Councilors who were re-elected


by Chris Wangler

January 2, 2022

Kathy McMenimen at the Microphone
Longtime city councilor Kathy McMenimen recognized the accomplishments of fellow elected officials. Later, councilors unanimously elected her as council president for the first time.

City councilors and school committee members who won in the November election were sworn in Sunday afternoon at city hall.

Traditionally the inauguration ceremony has been held in the Kennedy Middle School auditorium. It was moved to the council chamber and broadcast live on the Mac Channel amid the city’s COVID case surge.

Three new leaders were among the 15 city councilors and 3 school committee members up for election last fall.

After the ceremony, longtime councilor-at-large Kathleen McMenimen was finally voted in as city council president by a unanimous vote.

Congrats to all and their families!

Kara Wilson at the Inauguration
Like Joe Vizard, Kara Wilson was also promoted by the council to assistant city clerk.
Joe Vizard at the Inauguration
The council recently elected former councilor Joe Vizard as city clerk.