All Good Things

Published by Chris Wangler - June 17, 2020.

Not surprisingly, Gustazo has one of the hippest outdoor patios in Moody Street’s emerging outdoor dining scene.

On Wednesday the popular Cuban restaurant served its very first sit-down customers at its new location at 240 Moody Street.

For the hard-working Waltham couple who own and run the place, it’s been a long time coming.

Chef Patricia Estorino and her contractor husband Adolfo made a big move last winter from their cramped but essential lunch destination across from city hall.

They fully renovated the former Garcia Brogan’s space. But just as the expansive new restaurant and bar was set to open in March, coronavirus hit. They were also forced to close their Cambridge location.

Gustazo's first-ever sit-down diners in its new location: Sarah Wolfel (left) and Sarah Winkel (right). Crazy similar names, we know.


What made the Waltham shutdown particularly hard was that Gustazo was primed to finally launch a long-awaited liquor service, with cocktails on tap and super rare rums.

The couple made it through the shutdown, emerging this week with an inviting 10-table patio reflecting their uniquely Cuban DIY style.

Patricia spent hours Wednesday planting fresh herbs and flowers in the planter boxes.



The new look brings a whole new vibe to Embassy Park.

Waltham’s sped-up coronavirus approvals made it all possible. To help, the city’s public works department cleared out some worn old chess tables.

The plan is to keep the new patio up until at least November 1. “Hopefully it’s going to be a permanent thing,” Patricia said.