Big Tip Brings Hope During Tough Year

Published by Chris Wangler- October 31, 2020.

Kim Twomey, a bartender at Brewer’s Tap & Table, was hosting last Saturday when a well-known regular came in around 3:00 p.m. with seven others.
Little did she suspect that a $700 tip was coming―and smiles all around amid cold weather and COVID.
Other staff were handling Brewer’s busy outside section, so Kim doubled up as their server.
“Great group, easy group,” said the industry veteran. “Made me laugh.”
As the party got ready to leave, the affable transplant from Virginia came over with his $170 tab―and a cool $700 tip.
He explained that winter was coming and snow could shut down outside service. He wanted to do something nice for the staff, Kim explained.
“I cried,” said the Peabody resident. “I was pretty much the hero of the day, but everyone went over and thanked him too.”
The money was shared equally with all the staff, marking a memorable Saturday in a troubling year.
A big tip on October 24 brought smiles to the staff of the Moody Street restaurant and bar.
The benefactor, a well-liked guest in his late twenties, lives on Moody and has been coming in since June.
“It restored my faith in the younger generation,” said Brewer’s Tap & Table GM Phil Sheinis. “The community does really care and wants us to succeed together.”
Brewer’s opened on Moody in 2016 as part of Joe Slesar’s Beer Works business. COVID has hit hard.
Currently all six Beer Works are closed. The Framingham location is up for auction, and other locations are closed or under renovation.
Loyal staff were moved to Waltham to reopen Brewer’s Tap & Table, where everybody does their part.
For Kim, accustomed to busy Fenway and Canal Street barrooms, the whole episode reminded her of the human connection that helped define the biz before the coronavirus.
“I got into the industry for the people. Now there’s not a lot of talking and interacting,” she said wistfully.
“This gave me hope. We can get through this.”