Carol Got Her Mailbox Back

by Chris Wangler

October 20, 2022

About five years ago, Carol Watts helped bring a drive-up style post office box to the main USPS office on Main Street.

She has mobility issues, so she can’t easily get out of her vehicle to mail a letter. But last year, the box was removed.

She was told it had been struck and damaged, but she didn’t really believe it.

Carol set out to get the box back. “When I feel there’s a wrong that needs to be taken care of, I’m your girl,” she said.

From her home near Bear Hill Road, Carol diligently contacted postal officials in Waltham and beyond, as well as a local advocate for the disabled. 

One government official advised her that she could drive to Weston or Framingham where they have drive-up mailboxes.

That “fired up” Carol’s Ward 7 city councilor, Paul Katz, who submitted a council resolution for a “snorkel-style” post office box. He said it was “unreasonable” that a city like Waltham didn’t have one.

Before the resolution could be discussed in committee, a new drive-up mailbox appeared in the eastern driveway of the main post office building.

Paul said the situation shows what can be done when residents speak up and work together.

Pleased with the outcome, Carol said the new box will assist not only the disabled, but parents with small children and anyone else who can’t easily access traditional post office boxes.