Come On Down. Or Not?

Published by Chris Wangler - June 8, 2020.

Improvements to the Bobby Connors Playground near Brandeis were completed just as the coronavirus hit.

As a result, local kids haven’t been able to play on the impressive new play structures for the last three months.

That changed Monday, when this playground and others in Waltham reopened on a beautiful day.

We didn’t spot any kids, although adults have been using exercise equipment in a different corner of the park for weeks now.

Crews began work on the $1.4 million Bobby Connors project last summer.

All-new play structures have been installed, along with new a street hockey rink, basketball court, a spray deck and walking areas. In winter, there will be a small hill for sledding.


Improvements also include a zipline similar to the one at Drake Playground next to Plympton Elementary.

Along with Waltham parks and playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts, hiking trails and other outdoor facilities have also reopened. Spray parks are coming at the end of June.

People using these facilities still need COVID-19 masks and must observe social distancing. Needless to say, parents should be mindful of any surfaces small children will touch and wash hands thoroughly after.

The next major parks project, a renovation of Cornelia Warren Park, is progressing swiftly. Recreation Department director Nick Abruzzi said it should be done in a few weeks.