“Emergency” Prompts Closure of Embassy Parking Garage

By Chris Wangler
May 10, 2023

Police and Waltham public works staff closed off the Embassy Parking Garage Wednesday afternoon after a structural engineer deemed part of the structure unsound.

Mayor Jeannette McCarthy said a wall on the ramp to the second floor had separated.

The engineer will return on Thursday morning to assess the situation further and recommend action.

“I’m hoping to get it fixed as soon as possible,” said McCarthy, who described the situation as an emergency. On Wednesday, police asked motorists to remove their vehicles from the garage.

The mayor explained that the engineer discovered the damage after she requested an evaluation.

A quick remedy is especially important, with multiple downtown events planned in the coming weeks. 


The Watch City Steampunk Festival is set for Saturday, outdoor dining is slated to start on May 25 and the Waltham Farmers’ Market in early June.

The crumbling garage, built under a previous mayor, was closed temporarily back in 2010 after damage was noticed on the ramp, which has been repeatedly patched over the years.

The mayor said she has no plan currently to replace the aging deck with a new structure.