Field Station Pretty Much a Done Deal

Published by Chris Wangler- November 6, 2020.

On Thursday, Massachusetts House of Representatives voted to transfer the southern portion of the UMass Field Station on Beaver Street to the City of Waltham.
Final approvals are now expected from the state senate and governor, sealing the deal.
The state legislation stipulates that the portion Waltham will acquire “shall be conveyed subject to a restriction limiting the use of the parcels to open space, recreation or agricultural purposes.”
Back in April, the city council approved a $17.4 million purchase and sale agreement from the mayor.
The UMass property consists of two sections at 240 and 225 Beaver Street, totaling 58 acres.
The city will acquire only the southern portion (240 Beaver), which consists of a 9-acre farm, greenhouses, an aging administration building and community garden plots.
Tenants on the property, including Waltham Fields Community Farm (WFCF), Boston Area Gleaners and the Waltham Land Trust, will be allowed to stay.
The deal required legislation at the State House, UMass Field Station Bill H.4927.
State reps Tom Stanley and John Lawn worked with state senator Mike Barrett and mayor Jeannette McCarthy.
“Patience and teamwork got it done,” Stanley said.
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