"It is Hard to Know What to Do to Make a Difference"

Published by Chris Wangler - May 30, 2020.

Waltham joined a growing list of cities nationwide where demonstrations have been held in the wake of the George Floyd killing in Minneapolis on May 25.

On Saturday afternoon, a small group of white demonstrators on Waltham Common held signs decrying hate and racism in an expression of solidarity with the black community.

The rally was organized by Jennifer Rose, who held a sign reading “Black Lives Matter.”

Organizer Jennifer Rose (far left) with other demonstrators. Photo: Peter Lobo


Rose and her group, Waltham Concerned Citizens, have organized numerous social justice demonstrations at the corner of Moody and Main for many years.

In an email to supporters, Rose did not mention Floyd by name, but referred to “the recent racist murders by police” and “the terribly disproportionate effects of the pandemic on people of color.”

Afterward, Rose said the response to the rally was “overwhelmingly supportive.”


She added that the goal was “to use the privilege and safety we have as white people to confront this type of ignorant, hateful racism, like the despicable rhetoric coming from the White House.”

“I also hope our message of solidarity and validation was a small source of solace to the black community,” she said.

Photos: Peter Lobo