Ironworkers Demonstrate over Medical Office Project

by Chris Wangler
March 28, 2023

A handful of iron workers stood at the entrance of 1265 Main Monday morning, upset they hadn’t been hired for a state-of-the-art orthopedics firm under construction on Tower Road.

Boston-based Ironworkers Local 7 has roughly 3,600 members.


A half dozen union members held signs and stood alongside an inflatable fat cat holding a bag of money and a worker by the neck.

A Local 7 rep said he wanted local workers to be hired to build a medical office at 1265 Main.


Blue Hawk Investments Inc. is developing New England’s Premier Orthopedic Center at 71 Border Road across from the Starbucks.

Representatives for the project, including Newton-based Altair Construction Management, could not be reached for comment.


Local 7 has been hired for other big projects in Waltham, including the new Waltham High School [photo] and a lab building nearing completion at 300 Third Ave.