Massive Tree Was on Neighbor's Yard

Published by Chris Wangler - August 5, 2020.

But it fell into Tom Marchitelli’s driveway, missing his son-in-law’s truck by about a foot. Luckily no one was hurt, but the headache is just beginning.





When the massive old tree came down under heavy winds Tuesday evening, it dragged down lines, knocking out power at 21 Farnum Road and for hundreds of others in Warrendale.

Tom and his wife had to move to a hotel, dropping by Wednesday around 1:00 p.m. to check on the situation. The tree is still in the road, power is still out and the street is still blocked off.

“We’re waiting on Eversource,” he said, noting that the downed tree pulled wires out of the electrical meter on his home.

The trunk of the old tree is roughly eight feet around, and it shows evidence of rotting. To get rid of it will require much more than a chainsaw.

In a bitter stroke of irony, the tree stood in a neighbor’s yard, but most of it fell on Tom’s property and in the road.

He said he and his wife Helen have been worried about it coming down for years. Recently he approached a city official who said nothing could be done because it was on private property.

That house next door is not inhabited currently, Tom said. He explained that the daughter of an older couple who formerly lived there is preparing to sell the home.

Tom was able to smile about the situation, even though it will cost a pretty penny to clean up the mess.