McDevitt Safe After “Alarming” School Shooting Snapchat Post

by Chris Wangler 

June 7, 2022

Late last week, a male student at McDevitt Middle School posted an image of four semi-automatic handguns on a carpeted floor with superimposed text reading “he finna shoot the school too.” 

[“Finna” is slang for “fixing to” or “getting ready to.”]

A McDevitt teacher was alerted to the alarming Snapchat social media post on Friday, and the school immediately contacted Waltham Police.

In a message to the school community on Monday, McDevitt Principal Mike Sabin said, “The investigating officers concluded that the weapon images were taken from the internet and that there is not a credible threat to the school.”

Detective Sergeant Tim King of Waltham Police said Tuesday that the juvenile involved does not have access to any firearms in his household and “nothing criminal in nature” was involved.

He added that the reposting of troubling images online by youth is a “constant, ongoing problem.” 

Det. Sgt. King said it was unknown if the text alluding to a school shooting in the Snapchat post was on the original image or added after.

In his message to the school community, Principal Sabin said that “disciplinary actions have also been taken in response to the inappropriate posting. We are continuing to work closely with the Waltham Police to ensure that we have a safe end to the school year.”

On Tuesday, Sabin said “we are confident that the school is safe,” but declined to answer any additional questions. 

Det. Sgt. King said Waltham police officials have been meeting with Waltham school administrators about school safety since a tragic school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that killed 21.