Moody Street Closure Ending?

Moody Street Closure 2022


by Chris Wangler


February 21, 2023


A popular shutdown of Moody Street that became a boon for restaurants during COVID cannot continue, according to mayor Jeannette McCarthy

“The powers of COVID are gone now,” the mayor told the city’s traffic commission on February 16. “So I don’t believe that I have any authority to request to close the street.”

McCarthy told the commission she supported the Moody closure, but asked businesses wishing to operate outside to approach other city entities for permitting requests.

She said the city council has authority over sidewalks and the traffic commission has authority over parking spaces.

For three consecutive years, Moody from Pine to High was shut down 24-7 from the spring to the end of October.

There was widespread support for the closure, not only among restaurants but also those in favor of a car-free pedestrian area for residents to enjoy.

Some hoped that the shutdown could be made permanent.

But non-restaurant small businesses on Moody Street criticized the closure, bemoaning the loss of storefront parking spots and the fact that restaurants were the primary benefactors.

Some Moody abutters were also opposed, saying it reduced parking inventory on residential streets