No Dumping?

Published by Chris Wangler - August 5, 2020.

After shutting down Connors Pool due to COVID-19 contact, the state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) promised to thoroughly clean the pool.

Should they clean the grounds too?

A quick walk around the pool reveals a shocking amount of trash along otherwise pristine Charles River conservation land.

On Newton Street, just south of the pool, a makeshift tent stands on an elevated concrete pad. It’s surrounded by trash and beer bottles, some filled with a yellow liquid.

Nearby there is clothing and trash right up against the pool building.

These bags are not far from an outdoor basketball court.



Around the corner on River Street, there is a small DCR parking lot for pool guests.

“No Dumping” signs are posted, but beer bottles and cans and other trash litter the edge of the lot and a chain link fence.

Beyond the fence, down a bank leading to the river, there are bottles everywhere, including in the river.