Police Announce Underage Liquor Sting

Whiskey bottles

13 Waltham businesses failed liquor compliance checks back in 2016. Will they do better this time?

On Wednesday, Waltham Police announced an upcoming operation at bars, restaurants and package stores to ensure compliance.

Youth with under-21 IDs will enter businesses with liquor licenses and try to obtain alcohol. The minors will present their underage IDs if asked by staff.

Police want to ensure that licensees ask for IDs from “questionably aged youth” and scrutinize those IDs. 

Before the city's license commission, WPD Lt. Joe Brooks explains a liquor sting carried out in early 2016

During the sting, plainclothes police officers will also enter bars and restaurants to spot-check IDs of anyone consuming alcohol appearing to be under 21.

Those officers will use devices that detect fake IDs, according to a police release.

Violators will be reported to the city’s license commission.

A similar operation back in 2016 netted more than a dozen violators.

Under police direction, underage patrons entered 16 package stores and 61 bars and tried to buy or be served Bud Light.
13 businesses failed the compliance checks.

2016 violators await license commission discipline

The majority of violators were closed down for one day by the commission.

2016 Video: 13 Liquor Licensees Caught Serving to Minors