Police Warn of Ruse Entry Scam Targeting Seniors

Published by Chris Wangler- February 24, 2021.

Waltham Police Triad Officer Jon Bailey, in charge of outreach to Waltham seniors, is warning about a ruse entry scam that has been attempted in Waltham.
He said a young woman posing as a housecleaner has attempted to gain access to senior homes after being dropped off by a male in a black Audi.
“As has happened in the past with this type of a scam,” Bailey explained, “once the person is in the house, he or she unlocks the door and distracts the homeowner in another part of the house while an accomplice enters and steals cash, jewelry and other valuables.”
“They’re long gone before the crime is discovered,” he added.
Similar scams have involved suspects posing as gas company workers and water meter readers.
“Never let anyone in your house who you are not familiar with,” Officer Bailey explained. “Always check for an ID, and if you are skeptical, ask them politely to wait outside while you verify their credentials. You can do so by contacting the agency they say they work for or call the police.”
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