Proud Legacy

Published by Chris Wangler- October 16, 2020.

Anthony Lamacchia, the CEO of Lamacchia Realty, is eager to open a branch office at 451 Main Street and continue the Coleman family’s real estate legacy in Waltham.
“I have been driving by this building for 15 years, hoping that one day I could buy it,” said the Watertown native.
“This building was previously owned and operated by Marty Coleman III, a well-respected and third-generation owner of Coleman & Sons Real Estate, founded in 1910,” said a Lamacchia press release.
The Daily News Tribune, 1958. Photo courtesy of Anthony Lamacchia
The Coleman family used the building for real estate since 1958 and for insurance and real estate development as well.
Lamacchia bought the building in July.
The interiors are currently being renovated, with an opening date of November 5 for the new Waltham branch office―the latest in an expanding network of Lamacchia offices all over the 495 belt.
A team of 40 local realtors will use the new office. Lamacchia Realty’s corporate headquarters will remain at Waverley Oaks in Waltham, where they have been since 2009.
A lot has changed since Martin Coleman I sold homes to arriving immigrants in Waltham and helped families find food and shelter during the Great Depression.
Today, Waltham’s average home value is well north of $600,000, and COVID has changed but not slowed the red-hot market.
“It’s only got hotter since there’s been an exodus out of Boston,” Anthony said.
In Waltham and other suburbs, there’s just not enough single-family homes to sell.
Anthony said there are roughly 11,000 homes on the market right now statewide. Over the last two to three years at the same time, that number was 18,000 – 19,000 homes.
In spite of the low inventory, Lamacchia racked up the highest amount of sales of any independent brokerage in Waltham in 2019.
Anthony is riding the wave, but has maintained his roots, quite literally, as the son of a landscaper from Watertown.
The Coleman building was known for its immaculately kept grounds. Anthony said Lamacchia will continue that tradition as well.