Snacks During The Show?

Published by Chris Wangler- November 13, 2020.

The first Embassy Theatre on Moody Street offered picture-perfect movie concessions and the allure of classic Hollywood.
During the Second World War, Waltham pulsed with industry and patriotic fervor as community spirit took flight.
Richard Clothing Co. on Moody Street during the early 1940s Photo: Jack Cox / Waltham Historical Society
Waltham historian and teacher Jack Cox explores this rich era in an upcoming lecture, with rare images shot by Waltham News Tribune photographer William Hay during the 1940s.
The lecture has been delayed until 2021, but Waltham Historical Society president Wayne McCarthy shared these photos with us.
Waltham's community institutions came together to raise money to fight fascism during the war. Photo: Jack Cox / Waltham Historical Society
We’ll hit you with a reminder and another photo closer to the lecture, which is presented by the society and Historic New England.
Photos: Jack Cox / Waltham Historical Society