Mazz Is Back in Waltham

by Chris Wangler

September 1, 2022

Felger and Mazz and other 98.5 The Sports Hub announcers are now broadcasting from a brand new studio on Main Street in Waltham. 


The move represents a return home for NESN Red Sox announcer and former sports reporter Tony Massarotti, a Waltham native who got his start broadcasting local sports at the Waltham Channel.

The Sports Hub is owned by the Beasley Media Group, a large conglomerate that owns 64 radio stations nationwide.

Other Beasley FM stations are also moving to Waltham, including Country 102.5 WKLB, 105.7 80s and More! WROR, Hot 96.9 WBQT and Boston’s Rock 92.9 WBOS.

They will broadcast from the Cityside building at 1075 Main Street, one of two buildings acquired for $52.5 million by The Davis Companies in 2015 and subsequently renovated.


Back in July, 98.5 started broadcasting remotely after leaving its studio on Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester. Toucher and Rich were eager to move on and get a new start.

“I’m telling you, the new studio is going to be even better for the show,” said morning host Fred Toucher during a broadcast at the time. “I’m never going to Dorchester again in my entire life.”

He and co-host Rich Shertenlieb complained about the area’s rough reputation and commuting woes. They and other 98.5 hosts live in suburbs closer to Waltham and they were excited about the move.


Better restaurants in the Watch City also impressed the pair. “There’s a Chipotle within walking distance,” said Rich.

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