Trick or Treating? Your Call, Waltham

Published by Chris Wangler- October 8, 2020.

Governor Charlie Baker won’t regulate door-to-door Halloween activities and neither will Waltham mayor Jeannette McCarthy.
The governor said this week that he wouldn’t issue a mandate, but encouraged cities and towns to set their own policies.
But the mayor said Wednesday that “I have never regulated Halloween and I won’t this year either.”
“Parents have to make sure their children are safe,” McCarthy added.
Halloween is approaching as Waltham's coronavirus case status has slipped to red, according to state public health officials.
Other communities with COVID concerns, including Lawrence and Worcester, have already restricted or canceled trick-or-treating over coronavirus fears.
But Baker said that banning treat-or-treating comes with its own risk: sending costumed kids indoors for private Halloween gatherings and potential coronavirus spread.
To ensure safety, mayor McCarthy said the CDC and state have issued advisories.
Photo: trick or treating in Lakeview, 2012