Waltham Man Convicted for Attempted Sex Trafficking in Waltham Had Condoms, Cash

By Chris Wangler
March 14, 2024


On Wednesday, Misael Fabian Medina, 38, of Waltham, was convicted in federal court in Boston on one count of attempted sex trafficking of a child and one count of attempted coercion and enticement. 

As part of a sting operation, undercover federal agents posted an online ad for sex in November 2022 with images of two young females.

Medina responded to the ad, according to a criminal complaint, and arranged to pay for unprotected sex with a fictional 12-year-old female.

“Yes, I’m clean I have my girlfriend,” Medina texted the federal agents. “200 raw love. Get the address I free right now it’s my hour the lunch.”

The Guatemalan national proceeded to the parking lot of a Waltham hotel, showed the money to an undercover agent and was arrested. 

A search of his person found “a wad of cash” and a box of Trojan condoms, the complaint said.

In November 2022, Misael Fabian Medina was indicted by a grand jury at federal court in Boston, along with three other men caught up in the sting operation. He will be sentenced in June.

A release from the office of the U.S. Attorney in Boston said attempted sex trafficking of a child under 14 carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years in prison.  

While no minor victim was involved in the Waltham incident, acting U.S. Attorney Joshua S. Levy said that “the high amount of Internet interest generated by this operation clearly demonstrates there is a very disturbing market for the sex trafficking of minors.” 

“It is our responsibility to send the message that there are severe consequences for engaging in this type of despicable conduct,” Levy added.

The federal sting operation involved the cooperation of Waltham Police, which have advised Waltham hotel staff in the past on how to spot signs of sex trafficking.