Waltham Votes Yes on Questions 1 and 4

Ward 5 Voters


by Chris Wangler


November 9, 2022


As expected, Waltham results mirrored those statewide in Tuesday’s general election, with Democrats easily winning every seat, many running unopposed.

But hotly contested ballot questions drew out voters, with turnout at 55%.

Waltham voted to add a so-called “millionaire’s tax” (Question 1) and upheld a new law allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses next year (Question 4).


Question 1 New Income Tax Level

Yes 10,641

No 7,746


Question 2 Dental Insurance Regulations

Yes 13,715

No 4,520


Question 3 Liquor License Limit

Yes 8,731

No 9,170


Question 4 Uphold Driver’s License Access

Yes 11,302

No 7,057


Full Waltham Unofficial Election Results