Whittemore Principle Named

Published by Chris Wangler- March 22, 2021.

Waltham schools superintendent Brian Reagan has selected Dr. Ricardo Dobles, a vice principal at a two-way Spanish immersion school in Framingham, as the next principal of Whittemore Elementary.
Dobles, who speaks Spanish fluently, will start on July 1.
“Throughout the entire search process, it was my privilege to engage with so many thoughtful and dedicated parents, educators and administrators,” Dobles said. “I am honored to be the next principal of Whittemore Elementary and I am excited to join such a great school community.”
Dobles has over 10 years of experience in public education, according to a release from the superintendent. Since 2015, he has been a vice principal of the Barbieri Elementary School in Framingham, a K-5 Spanish two-way immersion school serving roughly 700 students.
His hiring at Whittemore underscores the value of Spanish-speaking job applicants in an increasingly diverse Waltham school community.
The superintendent said, “Stakeholders noted that as someone who is Latino and bilingual, Dr. Dobles will be an important addition to the Whittemore community where nearly 78% of the student population identifies as Hispanic.”
Stakeholders also “highlighted Dr. Dobles’ experience in diverse school environments and his success working with English Learners.” During an online forum with parents, he emphasized his commitment to equity and his enthusiasm for learning.
Dr. Ricardo Dobles holds two degrees from the Harvard University Graduate College of Education: a Master of Education and a Doctor of Education. He is a Brooklyn NY native and a parent to older children.
The last Whittemore principal, Emma Herzog, departed in 2020 to seek a doctorate at Harvard. She was hired in 2015.
Both Herzog and current interim principal Lex Mathews, appointed back in June 2020, are fluent in Spanish.
Mr. Mathews is so popular that 40 Whittemore staff and 18 parents signed a petition, urging school officials to consider him as a finalist for the permanent principal job.
Testimonials said Mr. Mathews helped get food and furniture for families, learned every child’s name, volunteered for any school duty and even jumpstarted one parent’s vehicle during a rainstorm with no jacket.
The petition was circulated to the superintendent and elected officials, but Reagan declined to comment on it.
He said a 13-member Whittemore screening committee followed a screening process “with fidelity,” yielding two finalists: Dr. Dobles and Waltham native David Sweder, currently an assistant principal at Kennedy Middle School.
Congrats to Dr. Dobles!
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