Will The Green Torch Get Greenlit?

Is the timing lining up just right for these Waltham cannabis “craft cultivators?” Or will their green torch be extinguished by regulatory gridlock?


Waltham natives Viondy Merisma and Kelvin Colindres, both 27, graduated from Waltham High in 2009. 

Now these local “craft cultivators” want to grow and deliver their Green Torch cannabis in Waltham under proposed state regulations.

In the coming months, the state’s cannabis commission will weigh approval of home delivery to non-medical users under the new recreational cannabis law.

State regulators will also consider awarding delivery licenses to smaller businesses run by groups disproportionately targeted during the war on drugs.

The Green Torch’s proposed “microbusiness” is a small-scale, organic cannabis grow operation with pain patients in mind. It would be run by diverse small businessmen from Waltham.

Kelvin compared the model to a small craft brewery.

Waltham organic cannabis

The Green Torch plans to apply for licenses this summer—if the new regulations are hammered out by then.

Viondy said their business model wouldn’t create retail-store traffic or crowds of cannabis customers—common local complaints wherever retail stores are proposed.

He said medicinal patients, especially seniors, would benefit from home delivery, in part because of the stigma associated with retail cannabis.

But law enforcement has expressed worries over home delivery, which would allow for sales out of the sight of surveillance cameras.

Would minors try to buy? If delivery vehicles are identifiable, could they be targeted by thieves?

There’s still a lot to discuss. But Viondy said their “incognito” Green Torch vehicles would comply with all state and local regulations.


Viondy and Kelvin have been best friends for 16 years, along with another ’09 classmate and Green Torch partner, Gordon Doristin.

Viondy was a star athlete at WHS. He played some preseason games with the Tennesee Titans, then in various football leagues.

After stints in a few legalization states, he has 7 years’ growing experience and 3 years in the industry, most recently at a medical dispensary in Rhode Island.

Green Torch is hosting a cannabis forum on Friday, March 22

“The smaller co-ops make it,” he said.

Now he works as a site director for Canna Care Docs in Waltham, connecting doctors and patients.

He is also a rising Waltham cannabis advocate. He and others on the Watch City Cannabis Committee are pushing for more diversity in the city’s emerging cannabis regulations.

As state and local rules get hammered out, The Green Torch has assembled a panel of cannabis experts to speak at Rhino Lounge Friday.

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