One of Waltham's Finest Retires

by Chris Wangler

January 6, 2022

After many years of service to Waltham Police and other statewide agencies, a respected Waltham Police detective with a long list of professional distinctions retired Friday. 

Colleagues, friends and family of Detective Sergeant Tim King gathered at police headquarters for a ceremony recognizing his distinguished service to the city.

Peter Lobo Photo

“I have been truly honored to be a part of the Waltham Police Department,” he said. 

“I have worked with some of the best police officers in the business, not just in Waltham, but from other agencies in Massachusetts and across the country.”

Det. Sgt. King (center) honoring late WPD officer Charlie Gryska in 2019. Peter Lobo Photo

Tim is a Waltham High School graduate. He was initially a corrections officer before joining WPD in 1992 and serving as one of the department’s early bike patrol officers.

He was promoted to detective in 1997 and sergeant in 2002. For many years Det. Sgt. King was the media’s main point of contact as the department’s public information officer, but he also continued to work high profile cases.

Det. Sgt. King interviewed after a 2010 brawl in the Gordon's Liquors parking lot on Main

He became an attorney in 2006 and started his own small practice as his professional accomplishments grew. 

In 2007, he became in-house counsel for a statewide police officers’ union, the Massachusetts Coalition of Police (MassCOP), a role he will maintain after retirement.

Courtesy photo

Det. Sgt. King was elected president of another organization, the Massachusetts Police Association, in 2016 after many years on its board.

Gov. Charlie Baker appointed him to the Mass DOT Board of Directors in September 2016, and he was recently reappointed to the role. 

Embracing longtime fellow officer Ann Frassica. Peter Lobo photo

He said he will miss his Waltham colleagues after retirement, but plans to continue representing police officers across the Commonwealth in the future.

Det. Sgt. King with city councilors Tom Curtin and Paul Brasco after a 2012 fire. Peter Lobo Photo

“I offer my thanks and gratitude to the people of Waltham and my colleagues for allowing me the privilege of working with you all in trying to keep the City of Waltham safe and a great place to live, work and play,” he said.

Peter Lobo Photo

Congrats to Tim and his spouse and three children on an outstanding career!